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Phase 1 Paste

In our creation of Phase 1 Paste stripper, we have added a new ingredient that forms a tight seal and keeps the stripper wet for hours. It slows evaporation and locks in most of the odors of the stripper. It causes the stripper to thicken and stay where you put it, vertically and/or overhead. When applied 1/16th inch thick, Star 10's Phase 1 Paste will take off all the layers in a single application (depending on the type of coating - 1 to 20 coats) Star 10's Phase 1 Paste excels as the toughest jobs, inside and outside, including: multiple layers of paint (lead, latex, enamel) polyurethane, two component epoxy, two component polyurethane's, stains, varnishes, lacquers, shellac, anti-fouling bottom paint for boats. It is fast ( in most cases it is ready in one hour or less ), easy to use and reports back from customers say it works just like the advertising says it does. Our customers say they are very happy with our customer service.