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$ 55.00 USD


PHASE 1 PASTE is a semi-paste, gel like substance that easily sticks and has a residue. It evaporates outside of the container. Both the semi-paste and the evaporated vapor are flammable.

PHASE 2 LIQUID is a liquid water like product. It has a strong odor and evaporates quickly in the sunlight. Both the liquid and the evaporated vapor are flammable.

Intended Use

PHASE 1 PASTE is intended to be used as a paint stripper, only.

This product works well on:

  • Automotive paint
  • Housing paint
  • Facility paint
  • Boating paint, including anti-fouling

PHASE 2 LIQUID is intended to be used as a follow up to the phase 1 paste. It is best used to clean off the additional residue left behind that the phase 1 paste could not get off, only.

Proven to remove

  • Paints: Anti-fouling, Acrylic, Enamels, Epoxies, Polyurethane, Lacquer, Varnish, Two-component paints, Copper, Tin, Oil or Lead based paints, Water and Latex based paints, Powder coatings and Shellac
  • Surfaces: Wood, Fiberglass, All metals, Concrete, Brick, Stone and some automotive plastics

/How To use


  1. Open container
  2. Pour into small open container (plastic is recommended)
  3. Using a paint brush, paint roller, or chip brush, spread the semi-paste gel over the desired area
  4. Depending on hot or cold surface and weather will depend on how much to use. Also depends on how many layers of paint are on the surface
  5. After 15-20 min paint should have reacted and bubbled
  6. Using a paint scraper, scrape off the softened paint off.


  1. Open container
  2. Pour into a pump-action spray bottle using a funnel so as not to spill the product.
  3. Spray directly on to surface
  4. Scrub surface using a scotchbrite
  5. Spray again on to surface
  6. Wipe away using a soft cloth
  7. Repeat until the surface is clean of residue
  8. Once dried, the surface is immediately ready for priming and painting!