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paint removal

Removing paint is often seen as a difficult and dirty job. At Star 10 we understand that most often the area that is being worked on is a vertical (wall) or overhead (ceiling), and the job can be messy. That’s why we invented Star 10 Phase 1 Paste. Our Phase 1 Paste product sticks to the paint surface and does not drip or run. Also it has very low fumes making it the ideal choice for indoor use.

surface preparation

Surface preparation is the gold standard in any restoration project. That’s why it is so important to prepare the surface that you are going to paint. With Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid you can easy wipe away any additional residues that remain on the surface. Once the Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid is dry it becomes neutralized. We recommend a light sanding only to texturize the newly cleaned surface and and it is immediately ready to be painted.


The old infrastructure is often stronger than new builds. The quality of wood products has been on the decline for some time now. Most furniture used to be made of oak, cedar & pine; and now they are made of composite woods. Houses are dry walled instead of brick. Pipes are PVC instead of Copper. The Star 10 Phase 1 Phase 2 system will restore your high quality infrastructure and goods at a fraction of the cost of replacing past heavy investments.


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