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"Just a note to let you know how much I think of your paint stripper. I have used it on two major projects, one a 25 foot wooden sailboat, and the other, a car that I am restoring. Star 10 works far better that the hardware store paint removers, even better, in my opinion, that the specialty products offered by the automotive stores. And all this with less odor and no burning of the hands.

Thank you for making such a good product available and keep up the good work."

George Younger

"Having been in the Piano rebuilding and refinishing business since 1982, I've encountered many formidable challenging finish removal jobs. I have also tried about every paint removal product on the market and many that are not. In 1992 I met my nemesis, an early 1950's Conn Church organ that I was restoring for the Unity Church of Muskegon. Conn at one time was the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world.

Conn's custom built church organs often received experimental items that later would evolve into their production organ line. This instrument had a finish on t he oak case that seemed unremovable. We tried everything with no success, even leaning on a belt sander for thirty minutes was a fruitless endeavor. A friend of mine, George Spoelma, introduced me to your Star 10 line of strippers, instant success. Your product has never failed me, besides it's unprecedented finish removal capabilities, one of it's major strong points is that accidentally getting it on your skin is not a disaster. There is no physical discomfort, and plenty of time to get to the washroom. This is a major plus considering I have disabled people working in my shop. I love the spray for getting the delicate gingerbread areas of old antique instruments. And being able to reuse the paste makes your product unbelievably cost efficient. I have many customers who use my services for rebuilding the instrument but are capable 'do it yourselfers' when it comes to refinishing. When they ask me what I use for stripping wood yours is the only product I recommend. Many times there is no need for sanding. Having used your product line for seven years I find I have no need to use anything else!"

Louie Kiel

"Enclosed are the photos of our 'new' kitchen cabinets. I do not believe the pictures do them justice however. We are very pleased with the way they turned out. As I told you previously, we had originally thought about front facing the cabinets as they were so dark.

We went to the wood show in Denver and saw a demonstration of your liquid stripper. I was very skeptical that it would really do the job to my satisfaction. We discussed with the representative at length the details of our project. We had anticipated a $2500-3000 expense in refacing. After discussing your product, we decided to give it a try. At most, we would be out about $100. We were glad we did. Our cabinets were oak to begin with, which is what we want anyway. But they were factory finished and left with a dark stain which had become dull and dingy looking through the years. Our house is about 17 years old. The stripper took off all the old stain and varnish, with a little elbow grease, and left us with the beautiful grain you can see in the photos. I am anxious to do the cabinets in my bath next. This is a wonderful product for do-it-yourselfers. Thanks again."

Theresa Middlemist

"I guess it's been written often what an avid test New York is for all sorts of endeavors. To this list we can add paint removal. The 'pre-war' building, (we're talking about WWII though we have buildings from the revolution) is preferred for its thick plaster walls, high ceilings and oak moldings, also sixty years paint accumulation. When a New Yorker says 'I have ten coats of paint,' it's an understatement. In addition, all but the last three of four layers contain lead so that scraping and heat guns are for professionals only. In fact, during renovations, it's common to see beautiful oak moldings and doors in dumpsters with the other construction debris because of the expense and time required to remove the paint. This is why most people simply paint over one more time.

On a visit home to Iowa, my wife saw a demonstration of your products at the State Fair. She was impressed and brought back the brochure. I ordered a quart each of the liquid and paste since I had some furniture to strip, one piece being quite similar in construction and over-painting to our moldings. I began on one piece (a kitchen shelf unit with glass doors and crown moldings) with the much bally-hooed Peel-Away. I used two 1-1/4 gallon buckets - about sixty dollars worth. It was extremely messy and difficult in the removal phase, discolored the wood and missed large areas. At this point I remembered the Star 10 in the closet and was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. When the bulk of the paint is removed by the paste, the detail really cleans up well with the liquid. As per your instructions, I put the scraped off paste onto another piece and it removed the paint easily.

The efficiency of the stripper prompted me to take on all the apartment moldings and most importantly (let's call it the Tom Sawyer effect) got my wife involved so that she has virtually taken over this part of our renovation.

We soon ran out of Star 10 and rather than waiting for another delivery, we began working our way through the paint removal section of the hardware store. We tried Zip-Strip, Citrus-solve, 3M Sofest, and Rock Miracle. None of these products came close. They dry out and don't do more than one or two coats at a time. Also, your company takes the trouble to include thorough directions that are helpful even to an experienced 'do-it-yourselfer'."

John Mosca

"I stopped by your booth at Oshkosh in July, 1994, and took home a can of your aerosol stripper. It's fabulous!! You helped me solve the unsolvable problem!!!

Problem: Grab rails and other teak trim on my 32' Islander sailboat had been stripped, sanded and refinished with a Canadian two-step process polyurethane finish by the name of Tuf-Shield. The product prides itself in a hard-glazed finish, with repeated applications over time, beats other varnish and traditional marine finishes. It's so hard, in fact, that spills that weren't immediately cleaned up became permanent stains in the fiberglass. This was a fine product with a professional result...except that I am not only an unpracticed wood finisher, but also sloppy. Careless masking, an in-a-hurry attitude left a descent finish, but sloppy results due to run-over on the pebbled decking surface.

I tried every stripping product on the market, made repeated calls to the manufacturer, but to no avail. My cabin decking looked terrible for two years until I tried your Star 10 Stripping system. The spills softened and lifted, without melting the fiberglass gel coat, and repairs to the teak were virtually painless.

Your product is everything you promised it would be...and you saved me from certain madness!

Beverly Bolles Blietz

"I saw your demo at Mel Young's place in Millington last spring. Just finished stripping the bottom of my Pearson 30 sailboat. Your estimate of 2 1/2 gallons each of paste and liquid was very close. I think I've got a pint of each left. Overall, the product worked as advertised. One problem I encountered though....my boat had VC17 over several coats of a very hard bottom paint (I suspect Interlux). The stripper immediately softened and made the VC17 ready to take off. After waiting 30 - 45 minutes, I could strip off most of the old finish. However, where there was a 'hard' spot in the old paint, I found I had to re-do these areas. I think the problem was the incompatibilities between VC17 and whatever paint was below it. On the second application, almost all the old paint could be removed with a scraper and a scotch pad.

All in all, your product lived up to its advertising, and I have recommended it to anyone who asks what I've been using.

It's really a pleasure to use a product that works!"

Jan Sanderson

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