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Removing 10 coats of lead based paint

NO Methylene Chloride, NO Caustics, NO Acids, NO NMP

Historic Home - Lead Paint Stripper

Historic Home - Lead Paint Stripper

What started out as a home in the 1890's is now an office building. There were 10 coats of lead based paint that was beginning to show wear so the owner decided it was time to get the building down to bare wood. She knew of Star 10 Paint Stripper and encouraged her contractor to use it on her

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The architect said he had never seen such a clean job of paint stripping.

Removing paint from 3650 square feet of this historic home.

Allen House - Paint Stripper

The following are comments from the contractor:

"Star 10 Paint Stripper was impressive to us because it provided an absolutely clean surface for repainting, it is environmentally safe, it is worker friendly, it has the ability to say 'wet' without covering it and the product was applied with an airless spray

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Historic Restoration

No Methylene Chloride, No Caustics, No Acids, No NMP

In 1862, boards milled on the Flathead Reserve (later “Reservation”) were brought 120 miles by ox cart to finish the Deer Lodge Valley home of trader Johnny Grant. The home later became the headquarters of cattle baron Conrad Kohrs, whose empire included ranges in four states and Canada. The elegantly furnished ranch house, along with 88 other historic structures, can be seen year-round at Grant-Kohrs National

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