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Time and Appearance

Stripping paint can take a fraction of the time that manually sanding and scrapping would take. In addition to this, stripping the paint with our paint stripper is well worth it because of the amazing job that it does in comparison to other strippers or doing it manually. It can not only look impressive but also make repainting a breeze.


Our most important goal with our paint stripper is safety. We

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At Star 10, we only make the best paint stripper. Any job you have to complete, you will be glad you picked Star 10. Not only is it heavy duty paint stripper but it is safe to use and environmentally friendly as well. Whether you need to strip your deck or just need to refinish your boat. You can trust that Star 10's products can get the job done. For more info you can contact

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Paint Stripping Anything

Paint Stripping Wood, Varnish, Boats, Decks, Homes etc.

Anything You Need Stripped - Star 10 Works!

Star 10 - America's Best Paint Stripper can strip anything from wood, varnish, boats, decks, homes or anything else you can think of. It is environmentally friendly & safe to use, while also providing you with a great paint removing experience. Our products are designed to complete any job in a simple, quick and safe fashion. You can

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Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper

NO Methylene Chloride, NO Caustics, NO Acids, NO NMP

All of our products are made and designed to be both environmentally friendly and safe to use. You will quickly discover that it is the best paint stripping system you've used. Our paint remover is also easy and quick; you will be able to begin refinishing the same day the stripping is complete. Our products are designed with you in mind; they

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