Make your Historic Home or Building Beautiful Again

Removing 10 coats of lead based paint

NO Methylene Chloride, NO Caustics, NO Acids, NO NMP

Historic Home - Lead Paint Stripper

Historic Home - Lead Paint Stripper

What started out as a home in the 1890's is now an office building. There were 10 coats of lead based paint that was beginning to show wear so the owner decided it was time to get the building down to bare wood. She knew of Star 10 Paint Stripper and encouraged her contractor to use it on her building. The contractor was very happy with Star 10 Paint Stripper because it was easy to use and environmentally friendly. The man in the top picture is removing the paint at the top of the house. The middle of the house has already been stripped to bare wood. The bottom picture shows the beautifully restored building.

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