Removing Paint from Historic Home

The architect said he had never seen such a clean job of paint stripping.

Removing paint from 3650 square feet of this historic home.

Allen House - Paint Stripper

The following are comments from the contractor:

"Star 10 Paint Stripper was impressive to us because it provided an absolutely clean surface for repainting, it is environmentally safe, it is worker friendly, it has the ability to say 'wet' without covering it and the product was applied with an airless spray unit which allowed proper millage with minimum over spray.

Water neutralized the paint stripper so the landscape, shrubs & plants were not harmed. Simply spraying down the plants with a garden hose prevented any damage.

Over 600 man hours were used to strip this large home & no one experienced any burns, not even to the forearms.

The product was sprayed on & allowed to 'cook' overnight which eliminated wasted time. In the morning the 40 mils of lead paint was scraped off. Sometimes a second application was required.

The Allen residence is sided with cyprus, a beautiful flowing grained wood. Star 10 Paint Stripper does not soften the wood fiber nor will it discolor the wood."

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